Online Slots

How to Win at an Online Casino 

Playing online slots at an online casinos is becoming a more and more popular hobby for hundreds of thousands of people every year. Some people struggle with understanding slots at first, and how best to play them and what strategies you can use.

Fortunately, we have put together this quick guide to the top ten strategies for playing online slots that pro-gamers have been using for years.

Top 10 Strategies for Playing Online Slots

1. Get to Know Your Games

When you first visit an online casino, you can be faced with an overwhelming choice of slot machines. Make sure you get to know them a little before you start playing. Look at what type of slot it is and what symbols you need to match to win.

2. Never Suddenly Leave a Slot

The more you play a machine, the more you may become frustrated at not getting a quicker return and be spinning without winning. You should measure your betting so far against the payout structure, and then decide how likely you are to get your money back with a profit.

3. Never Leave a Slot That Has Just Paid Out

Most online slots use a random number generator to count their games, so there is no reason that one slot machine is more likely to give a win than any other, even if it has just paid out a jackpot.


4. Don’t Believe the ‘Loose Machine’ Myth

Some slot users think that a machine is more likely to pay out when someone has been playing a machine and not got a win. This is not the case - there is no such thing as a ‘loose machine’, they are not programmed to operate in this way.

5. Make Good Use of Bonuses

Any free spins a machine or casino offers are a good way to offset any investment you make in playing slots. Look out for bonus offers online, or free spin wins on the machines.


6. Set Rules for Yourself

It is important to set yourself a gambling budget, and to stick to it. If you plan on spending a set amount over a set period of time, this can help you work out how much to bet each spin.

7. Keep Up-to-Date

Online casinos regularly update their machines and change the games to help keep people entertained and interested. Make sure you stay up-to-date with developments.

8. Check Your Mood

Gambling, like driving, is something you shouldn’t do angry. Only gamble when you are feeling positive. If you’re having a bad day, stay away from the slots.

9. Make Friends Online and Off

Online slot playing has become so popular, more people than ever have begun joining groups and forums to talk about slots, casinos and anything else you can think of. Try joining an online community or Facebook group to make some like-minded friends and share tips on machines and casinos.

10. Make Sure You Have Fun

This is surely the aim of any game. Make sure you are having fun while you play, and when the fun stops you should stop.

Slot machines are lots of fun, and give you a good chance of winning some money. Hopefully these tips and strategies will help you win a jackpot or two.

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