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Are Online Casinos a Scam?

Online casino scam is simply any action that falls outside the gaming rules, which are set by gambling control authorities. It normally involves giving misleading information, interfering with gaming apparatus, and misrepresenting the games with the aim of benefiting the casino and not the players.

5 Signs to Detect a Casino Scam

Even though some online casinos can appear to be legitimate on the surface, there are a couple of ways in which they give themselves away. Well, always watch out for these warning signs to avoid falling victim to online casino scam.

Licensing body not genuine

Withdrawal issues 

Unreliable customer support 

Unfair business practices 

Unfair terms and Conditions 

Criteria for an authorized casino

The concept of the online casino sounds like a great idea. You can go to such a place, deposit money and play all sorts of fun casino games. You could win quite a bit of money by playing a variety of games. These include games that you’d play at real casinos.

Contrary to what you might hear, the online casino is actually a great place for online entertainment. You won’t be put at risk of being scammed by any online casino. The standards that are being utilized in today’s online casino industry are very strict. Top online casinos that go through those strict standards including Zodiac CasinoCaptain Cooks Casino and Luxury Casino.

Licenses Are Required

Any online casino to operate out of Canada has to be fully licensed before it can start working. However, some online gambling activities are organized by individual provinces and are associated with lottery functions.

The concept of legalized online gambling is relatively new in some parts of the country. British Columbia has allowed online casino games to be linked to the province’s lottery since 2010. Quebec has been doing the same since 2011. Ontario has also established some plans for its own online casino games. However, these licenses are for games that are linked to provincial lotteries. The concept of the online casino has been around for much longer than this.

What Regulations Are Covered?

The basic conceit of regulations relating to online casinos in Canada is that they are legal. That is, the Criminal Code of Canada says that online gambling is not illegal. No one in Canada has ever been charged for playing at such online casinos.

Many rules and regulations are utilized by online casinos that are accessible within Canada. For instance, there are laws that relate to how the money that is won at such a casino can be taxed. Winnings that come from a gambling site are not taxed, unless they are interpreted as funds that were gained through a business-based transaction.

Audits Are Performed

Audits are utilized to ensure that such online casinos will continue to operate in accordance with fair play standards. Audits are performed by the e-Commerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance, or eCOGRA, organization.

eCOGRA will test different casino software programs as they are being operated by individual websites on a regular basis. Every program is audited with full reviews based on how the software is maintained and how payouts are held. The payout totals must be given out with certain standards that are identical to what is featured in real casinos. The software may also give better odds than brick-and-mortal casinos if desired.

How Are Deposits and Withdrawals Monitored?

The financial transactions that occur at such casinos are consistently monitored. This comes from a banking system that utilizes strong bank-level encryption. 128 or 256-bit encryption is often used as a means of protecting all online transactions. It creates a key that can only be accessed by a casino’s servers. It cannot be accessed by any third party.All financial information will be moved through a secure banking system. This system is inside the casino’s software program.The deposit and withdrawal methods will vary by each casino. Traditional MasterCard and Visa transactions are typically allowed in the deposit process. Withdrawals will require the use of different online money transferal services like Click2Pay, Skrill, Neteller and EcoCard among many others. Traditional wire transfers may also be offered but it will take longer for such a transfer to be utilized.


If you have ever thought about going onto online casinos in Canada then you should not have any reservations over doing so. The casinos that you can access today are legal and safe to operate with. These will protect you as necessary and will give you a fair sense of play. This is a truly fascinating form of online entertainment that you should explore! If you’re not quite sure which casinos to choose, our recommendations are a good place to start.

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