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All About American Roulette Online

American roulette is one of the most popular casino games played in Las Vegas and casinos around the United States and South America, and is now gaining traction in Canada.

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While similar to the European version, the American roulette wheel and roulette table layout differ in some key aspects that affect gameplay and betting strategy. Keep reading to understand the intricacies of the American game and how it differs from European roulette.

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An Overview of American Roulette Wheels

American roulette wheels have 38 numbered slots – the numbers 1 through 36, plus 0 and 00 slots. This double zero rather than single zero layout gives the house edge a bigger advantage compared to European wheels. The ball used in American roulette spins along with the rotor in the opposite direction of the spinning wheel. As the wheel’s momentum slows down, the ball will fall into one of the 38 numbered pockets once both the roulette ball and rotor decelerate and come to a final stop.

Inside the American Roulette Table Layout

The American variation of online roulette tables have a layout that allows players to easily place a variety of inside and outside bets to play online roulette. Inside bets are made by placing chips directly on numbers and number groups on the felt layout. The inside betting area consists of each single number 0 through 36. Outside bets include larger groups of numbers and are made by placing chips in designated betting areas on the outer part of the layout.

Comparing American Roulette and Its European Counterpart

The roulette rules are essentially the same whether you play roulette for free, or play American or European roulette. The key difference lies in the extra 00 pocket present in American roulette wheels and tables. Having 8 possible outcomes versus just 37 numbers gives the house a bigger mathematical advantage in American roulette. On a European wheel, the house only has a 2.70% edge while American wheels nearly double that at 5.26%, giving you a higher chance to win.

Play American roulette at any of these online Roulette sites, you’ll see the difference compared to other versions of the game. Like many players, you can play with your Welcome bonus when you sign up and find your own way to play.

How Bets and Payouts Work

While the number of pockets determine the overall house advantage, the type of bet and the payout odds remain the same between European and American roulette. The different bets are placed before the dealer spins the wheel and releases the ball. Once the ball lands on a number, winning bets are paid and losing bets forfeited to the house. Payout amounts vary greatly depending on the likelihood of that particular bet winning.

The Various Bet Types Available

Beyond the inside and outside distinction, free American roulette offers a wide variety of individual bet types to accommodate various preferences for risk versus reward. Here’s a quick overview:

Inside Bets
·         Straight Up: A single bet on one winning number that pays 35:1
·         Split: Bet on 2 adjoining numbers paying 17:1
·         Street: A three number bet paying 11:1
·         Corner: Bet on block of 4 numbers for 8:1 payout
·         Five Numbers: A bet on 0, 00, 1, 2, and 3 that pays 6:1
·         Line bet: 6 numbers in 2 rows with 5:1 payout

Outside Bets
·         Dozens: Bet on 12 even and odd numbers in blocks of 1-12, 13-24, 25-36, for 2:1
·         Column bet: Wager on 12 numbers in a table column with odds of 2:1
·         Red or Black: Bet on colour outcome; pays even money
·         Odd/Even: Wager on odd or even numbers without zeroes
·         High/Low: Bet on outcomes 1 to 18 or 19 to 36; both pay even money

This covers all the standard bets available on American double zero roulette wheels. While payouts and probabilities vary widely across bet selection, no option technically offers better odds for the player relative to the house edge.

Observing Maximum Bet Limits

While games list a standard minimum and maximum bet, some casinos today enforce additional caps on aggregate payouts per spin. So, while the posted maximum bet may allow wagering $1000 per spot, they’ll only pay out a fraction of that amount. For example, a $3000 maximum payout limit means winning a 35:1 straight up bet pays at 17:1 odds, essentially only half the proper amount. This little-known rule affects players who size up bets, especially when chasing losses.

The Surrender Rule in American Roulette

A subtle but important rule difference between American and European roulette involves the ‘surrender’ option that applies to even money outside bets. These wagers on red/black, odd/even, and high/low numbers allow ‘surrendering’ half your bet if the ball lands on green pocket 0 or 00.

Finding the Best Places to Play American Roulette

Today, most major online casinos like Casino Classic offer both American and European roulette games for real money. For the best overall online gambling experience, look for casino sites that use high-quality software programs from established developers like Playtech, Netent, and Microgaming when you play roulette online. The best casinos offering American roulette online provide mobile compatibility, welcome bonuses, ongoing promotions, convenient banking, and responsive customer support. Some also offer American roulette simulator options for practice, while you may find other casinos offering betting on both American and European variants at the same table and on the same game. You can also play American roulette at most good brick and mortar casino brands.

Playing American Roulette like a Pro

Now that you understand the basics of American roulette games including the best American roulette wheel layout, table design, and house edge – it’s time to walk through actual gameplay from start to finish. Read on for tips and tricks that can up your chances of leaving the table a winner.

1.      Select Your Roulette Game Variant

The first step is choosing between the different American casino roulette variants available at many casinos. The standard game allows you to place bets ranging from $1 up to a table maximum – usually between $100 and $500. High roller tables cater to VIP players with deep pockets through higher minimums and maximums. Multiwheel games allow betting on up to 8 wheels at once. In each case, the fundamental rules and odds remain exactly the same.

2.      Familiarize Yourself with All Betting Options

While inside and outside roulette bets pay out differently, neither offers better mathematical odds. However, properly matching your betting amounts across both bet types helps control volatility. Knowing what constitutes an inside versus outside bet, straight up versus split bet, and column versus dozen bet keeps your wagering strategy logical. Just a short time observing a real or virtual table should provide enough working insight.

3.      Determine Your Bankroll and Bet Sizes

Carefully determine how much you are willing to potentially lose before quitting and divide your bankroll into equal session stakes. As a general rule, make straight up bets equal to your session length in dollars. So, $10 bets might be your maximum bet for a $100 bankroll. Also, bet higher multiples on wagers with smaller payouts like splits and double streets. This keeps overall bet variation consistent.

4.      Mastering Advanced American Roulette Strategy

Now that you grasp the essentials of gameplay, expanding your skillset involves mastering advanced tactics that push win rates higher. Read on for tips that mix smart decision-making with practical application of roulette statistics and math.

5.      Brush Up on Important Odds and Probabilities

American roulette odds and probabilities represent complex math simplified for practical use during live games and online. But players that understand the numbers enjoy better success. For example, hitting any specific numbers on the wheel offers a 1 in 38 chance. But betting on odd versus even or red versus black flips those odds to just under 50/50 minus the 0 and 00.

6.      Tweak Strategy as Positive or Negative Progression Unfolds

Roulette wins and losses often unfold in short-term progression cycles where you’ll alternate extended runs or profit and loss. Adjust play according to live action. Increase players bet sizes slightly following wins during positive progression. Reduce wagers incrementally after consecutive losses to limit downside risk when luck turns negative.

7.      Compare Results Tracking Side by Side Games

Modern online casinos enable playing multiple American roulette tables and wheels simultaneously. Experienced players analyze outcomes side-by-side to quickly identify outlier wheels with skewed results benefitting players. Dart between games capitalizing on these temporary deviations from statistical norms for a slight boost against the house edge.

As you now understand, while American and European roulette appear almost identical, subtle but critically important differences manifest in an extra double zero slot as well as the mathematically significant variance in house advantage. All remaining dimensions including layout, number sequence, bet options, and payout odds remain the same. Depending on your preferred style of gameplay, bankroll size, and overall risk tolerance – one variant may suit your needs better.