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Casino Terms

Bankroll – The amount of money a player has at their disposal when they play at a casino. This can include withdrawable cash (cash the player has deposited into their account, or won using this money), as well as bonus cash awarded by the casino. Some casinos list withdrawable cash and bonus cash under separate accounts, though some list them as a single combined figure.

Bonus – An incentive which the casino may use as a method to encourage players to join the casino (as in a New Player Bonus) or to encourage an existing player to play a certain casino game or make a deposit of a stated amount or at a stated time. If the player does so then they often receive a free gift from the casino, usually in the form of additional funds to wager. You can read more about bonus in our bonus glossary.

CashCheck – The facility, developed by Microgaming, which is used by several online casinos which quickly and easily allows a player to check the full history of all the transactions they have made into their casino account. Typically this will include history of the deposits made into the account, any bonus awards received as well as money that has been spent from the account due to the individual playing at the host casino.

Deposit – A deposit is when a player initiates a transfer of cash, usually from their bank account or credit/debit card, into their casino account for the purposes of gambling with the money. We have listed the best deposit methods for Canadian players for you.

eCogra – eCogra is an acronym that stands for e-Commerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance. It is an approved testing agency for online games, which ensures that all games pay out cash prizes at the stated rate and that the game is fair for users to play.

Flash Casino – A casino that does not require any software to be downloaded, sometimes also referred to as a “no download casino”. Instead, the game is played via the web browser without any files being transferred to your computer. Examples are Luxury Casino Flash, Golden Tiger Casino Flash or Casino Classic Flash.

High Roller – A casino patron who is much in demand by casinos due to the very large amount of money that they spend when gaming at the casino tables. A high roller can often receive additional bonuses not available to players of smaller cash means. In addition to being labelled a high roller, they are also known as ‘whale’.

House Edge – All casino games are weighted slightly in favour for the casino to win, which is the method by which the casino can ensure it is profitable and operational. The amount by which a game is skewed in favour of a casino is called the House Edge. It is usually measured in percentage figures, with most games offering a house edge of between 1% and 8%, though some casino games are notably higher. Most professional casino gamblers will only play games with a low house edge and can often decrease the influence of the house edge by playing certain games to a strategy.

Loyalty Scheme – A method by which a casino will award customers points, or similar, each time they play at the casino with a view to rewarding players who remain loyal to the casino and spend more time and money there. The more points a player earns, the higher their status and potential rewards on the Loyalty Scheme.

Mobile Casino – A casino that can be accessed via a mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone. Mobile casinos can be accessed from a browser via a website and either be downloaded onto your device via an app or saved to your device desktop as a bookmark with no download required, e.g. UK Casino Club Mobile or Casino Action Mobile.

Odds – In terms of the casino, odds can actually mean one of two things. In statistical terms, odds indicate the ratio by which the person making a bet will be expected to be paid out. For example, odds of 10/1 on a bet of £10, if successful, would pay out 10 lots of £10 (£100) plus the punters initial bet of £10 would be refunded to them, for a total return of £110. The term odds can also be used in more general terms to imply the chances of an event happening, such as; “the odds of hitting a red or black sector in a game of roulette are almost 50/50”.

PlayCheck – Playcheck is a similar service to the CashCheck service operated by Microgaming, instead this service allows players to review the history of the games they have played at Microgaming casinos and every single bet they placed for the past seven days. Clicking on the PlayCheck icon will take you to the screen devoted to showing you this information.

Rollover – A rollover is another way to refer to ‘playthrough’ or ‘wagering requirements’. It means you have to rollover your bonus amount a certain amount of times before being able to withdraw it. You can find more info in our bonus glossary section.

Software – Software is the computer program that powers all aspects of the casino, from how it looks in the web browser or on your downloaded app, to the specific software that has been developed to play your casino game of choice. Most casino software is based around a random number generator (RNG), which is independently verified by an outside agency like eCOGRA to ensure it is fair.

Tournament – A tournament is a competition which is contested by more than one player where the casino often offers a prize to the winner of the event. Tournaments are held frequently at casinos to encourage players to participate in the different types of games available.

VIP – A VIP is an acronym for a Very Important Person. In casino terms, this is a player who spends a large amount of money and usually qualifies for the higher levels of the casino’s loyalty scheme. Many casinos offer special offers and services for VIP players, e.g. personal hosts that look after them, special gifts like spa vouchers, etc.

Wagering – The process of placing a bet on any type of casino game. Wagering is simply another name for the process of betting, regardless of overall loss or profits. You can find a more thorough explanation here on this site soon.

Withdrawal – A withdrawal is when a player removes money from their casino real cash account and transfers it back onto their credit/debit card or into their bank account. In most cases you can withdraw using the same method as you deposited with.